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Ternvigs Tougher than the Rest

5 year old stallion 173 cm after Volstrups Cash and Habibi, a highly approved Hannoverian mare after Grannus Ass / Grannus / Akzent and Einstand / Thuswin XX.

Habibi was a very nice jumper herself with an excellent attitude, and this she has passed on to her son.

He has 3 very good gaites and he loosejumps with big scope and courage. A really outstanding horse which we are looking very much forward to following in the future.

Now he is well ridden and jumps super with rider. he is ready to go to competitions. He has a lovely temper and learns very quick. ok in x-rays 300.000kr

Ternvigs Tanya

Tanya is a lovely 5 yo mare 168 cm after Volstrups Cash-Casillas-Colman and Tanja after Helinikos / Waldstern. She is doing very nicely with rider. She is lovely to jump and is very easy to ride on a jumping course. She is an outstanding horse. So positive and nice and a great performer. Ok in x-rays. 180.000 kr + vat

Her Mother, Tanja, RDH, was an amazing jumper and fighter and she herself has won an incredibly numbers of classes up till 150 cm. Best result was a second place in Grosse Preiss in Warendorf, Germany.

Tanya, the daughter, jumps really well in loose jumping with a good eye, nice bascule and tecknik and great scope. She moves elegant with 3 good gates.


She is a nice and light mare 168 cm after Brantzau/ Baloubet du Rouet and Soraya after Emellion / Nimmerdor. She has some very elegant gaits and a super canter and is always ready to work. She freejumps easily and is honest and careful. She is riden and is doing very nicely with rider.

She is ok in x-rays 125.000 kr

Ternvigs Flying Balloon

5 yo mare 165 cm after Astonia- Heartbeat/ Aston. Astonias mother has produced many very good dressage horses and with Heartbeat as father she has been a very good jumper. 4 years ago she gave birth to Flying Balloon. The father is unknown.

Flying Balloon is a leader type, is always in front and never afraid of anything. Has from the beginning jumped as an experienced horse.

She is now ridden and is very comfortable. 125.000 kr. ok in vet.

Flying Balloon has 3 good gates and jumps with a super technique, scope and carefulness. She is a real leadertype, she goes always in front and is not scared of anything. A very exciting horse to start working with. ok in x-rays. 60.000 kr + vat


Mare born 2017, 170 cm, after Volstrups Cash and Habibi. She is a really talented mare with good active gaits and a super jump. She also has a perfect temper.

She is full sister to Tougher than the Rest, an exceptionel 4 years stallion.

100.000 kr


A lovely mare born 2017 166 cm after Volstrups Cash and Tanja, who herself was winning a lot of classes up to 155 cm. Tanja was also a highly rated mare.
Christine is a lovely light and well build mare with 3 good gaites and a particulaly good canter. She loose jumps really good and is now ridden and does it really good. 100.000 kr


is a lovely longlegged foal born 15-4-2020 after Turlock XX ( see breeding stallion) and Peggy Lee with both Landgraf and cor de la Bryere in the pedigree. Peggy Lee herself was a very good and succesful showjumper.